Comment from Jacques Camatte

Letter - Hobgobgoblin Issue 2 2000

I was interested in the article, 'Has Capital Autonomised itself' - I'm very thankful. I must say that I am not in agreement, particularly with paragraph 5, first column, page 48:

"Camatte's jamming together of essence with "form," or rather forms by which he thinks capital can autonomise itself from the law of value, thus ignores the higher level of dialectical progression from "essence" to "notion" in Marx's 'Capital'."

For me dialectic is an interpretation of what takes place and trying to find another meaning than the one within the last one [le dernier].

I was equally interested in the articles about Chartism.

I hope you are doing well.

Jacques Camatte, Belaye, France.

[Ed note 2000: Thanks to Michel Prigent for the translation of this letter.]